Sunday, February 8, 2009

where have I been?

So its been like ummm FOREVER...sorry I really been BuSy..and what days have been good boring.I suppos...and where can I start to catch up at...oh yeah so wednsday I went to world civ.class and my professor yells pop quiz....I'm so dumbfounded at this point because I actually have no idea of what was going on and the overall problem was that I haven't read the appropriate chapters I think think THINK..nothing come to the noggin...he passes out the test sweat drips from head like the slow evaporation of ice...he looks at me and say are you new to the class I thought for a second say yes the I had another thought to say remembering what my 3rd grade teacher mrs.silver told me go with your first instinct..I decided to say yes with a quiet "yes".. I responded to his question...he takes the test back..saved whew I wipe the sweat off my head..and breath

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