Sunday, January 25, 2009

my "extra" exciting weekend

Well today is uh sunday and its as if my whole weekend flew by..

I did nothing all weekend except SLEEP!! We'll see what monday bring... :(

Thursday, January 22, 2009

shy but flattered

Okay well today started off BORING.... however that night well the morning..because its now friday was a little all started with a drive to walgreens...everyone knows when your in college and can't sleep bored ..or just have gas to waste...NOT. You joy ride to a 24hr store ..well tonight I settled with wal-greens...close to wal-mart but not quite.....however..I'm creole...but I find myself quite fund of white guys.however this one wasn't on me....while waiting on a friend to finish shopping a girl walks in the store not far behind her. ....yeah her man...and moving on..well she knew what she needed b/c she went picked up some tampons ...and came to the front how do you know she got that welll...because she held them up in the air ...okay while she was in line her boyfriend walked up to me and ask did I work at the hospital miles down...not to mention I had on SCRUBS...!. NO I replied I'm actually a political science we both laughed....she turns around and glances at what do you wanna do with your degree?..I haven't decided yet I exclaimed..oh he then tells me he went to school for real estate and a minor in political were chatting a way...laughing back and fourth..when his woman walks up and say are you ready she looks at me....I do a "Kanye" smile..he looks at her and continue to talk to me by then it got a lil AWKWARD..!!!!..SHE STOOD THERE...looking me up and down...I felt so small ..however she asked ARE YOU READY YET???!!!!..HE SAID YEAH ..he said what school do you go to I told him and we said pur goodbyes.....

That was so crazy not only was he handsome....but he smelt like boom chicka wa yes all I can think of is the tag commercial..TAG...consider yourself warned.......I was tagged...../!!!!!!

So inconclusion I wonder was I wrong for talking to him...or was it beyond my control..idk..conversation was awesome......and if that wasn't his girl I would love to bump into him again......

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

two see or not to see.....

Well where do I start? I'm kinda new at this so bare with me.....and here goes nothing,,.my name is cwills well that's the almost cool "nick name'' I settled with. Today after procrasinating a bit I finally decided to BLOG.!!!! YIPPY FOR ME...YOU'D SAY. However, I spoke with my INSPIRATION(mina lo)..who totally RoCkS @ blogging and told her a life changing event that happened to me today while leavng campus...after a few lol or lmbo... we agreed that this should begin a life with waan hear it here it is.......I found myself standing outside of Bojangles freezing my fannie off ....oh and I was waiting on the cat bus???...yeah I was waiting on the bus 3 min. In the bus comes... while on the bus ..I noticed a man with one thought how weird was this....trying not to stare I turned shyly..whoa he this time he gets up and move adjacent to me........OMG!!! I thought..he's gonna get me to my glancing again to make sure my eyes wasn't playing tricks on me I take a looksie....he don't see me whew I thought...finally I was my time to departure....while walking toward the back exit...I hear pssst , pssst..I turn around to see what the buzz was about I look back and to my discust the "winker" blew a kiss at me Ugh!!!!!!! I thought why oi was so pugnacious...I could have hung him......I pondered all the way to the door things to do....maybe I'll call the police and tell the the route and the bus number give his description (on account how many people in the state have one eye)...explain to them how they have guys assulting females..or call the transit station and let them know what happened.....then I thought to myself where did I go wrong?......I feel like woman or men should be able to enjoy public transportation without being harassed...but idk....
Tell me what you think...?

Am I the crazy one?

Sometimes I wonder..(yelling)..I'm I misunderstood...or am I just a weirdo?....its like okay cool I go to an hbcu....not to mention. its SMALL...however I walk around campus everyday..saying hey or how you doing to every other person I see you know being thr gregarious person that I am and then it hit me.....your weird...why did I come up with that ..uhhh..duh because 2 outta 10 people speak back to sad huh?...yeah think about being me I mean you walk around the same people everyday almost being unnoticed...ALMOST..I SAID..Sometimes I'm not going to lie I try a tad bit to fit in...for ex: going to partay's.or even being with the wrong crowd..

And by wrong crowd I mean WRONG.!!!

Have you ever been witha crowd who just judges everything and everybody?..well I have yeah...its like shut up for crying out loud..and get your own darn life well to sum it up the first week back on campus I had a hideous pimple on my nose yeah either I was guiding santa or I was well when I went to my room....I see my "friends"......ohhhh we missed you and what not....yeah what ever ...I thought yeah of the girls said after we've been together all day you have a bump on your nose ....I started to SCREAM!!! Its as if it wasn't on my damn...nose I mean c'mon now I look in the mirror daily...okay you .got me a lot....however/....UGH...o thought why did she have to tell me as if I didn't know now....on top of that another one of these chicks said OOO.there goes your pretty face ...I was so done..I politly said you know there goes nothing in the words of christina agulara.{I am beautiful } but when the pimple subside I'll be normal and you'd still be an ugly trackstar....

Now was I wrong for that or was their comments a bit ubsurd?