Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Am I the crazy one?

Sometimes I wonder..(yelling)..I'm I misunderstood...or am I just a weirdo?....its like okay cool I go to an hbcu....not to mention. its SMALL...however I walk around campus everyday..saying hey or how you doing to every other person I see you know being thr gregarious person that I am and then it hit me.....your weird...why did I come up with that ..uhhh..duh because 2 outta 10 people speak back to sad huh?...yeah think about being me I mean you walk around the same people everyday almost being unnoticed...ALMOST..I SAID..Sometimes I'm not going to lie I try a tad bit to fit in...for ex: going to partay's.or even being with the wrong crowd..

And by wrong crowd I mean WRONG.!!!

Have you ever been witha crowd who just judges everything and everybody?..well I have yeah...its like shut up for crying out loud..and get your own darn life well to sum it up the first week back on campus I had a hideous pimple on my nose yeah either I was guiding santa or I was well when I went to my room....I see my "friends"......ohhhh we missed you and what not....yeah what ever ...I thought yeah of the girls said after we've been together all day you have a bump on your nose ....I started to SCREAM!!! Its as if it wasn't on my damn...nose I mean c'mon now I look in the mirror daily...okay you .got me a lot....however/....UGH...o thought why did she have to tell me as if I didn't know now....on top of that another one of these chicks said OOO.there goes your pretty face ...I was so done..I politly said you know there goes nothing in the words of christina agulara.{I am beautiful } but when the pimple subside I'll be normal and you'd still be an ugly trackstar....

Now was I wrong for that or was their comments a bit ubsurd?

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